Residential moving

Call on the services of professional movers

Moving in Laval or Montreal? Employ the services of Brault Déménagement. Our dedicated team will plan your whole move, from packing your items at your former residence to installing them in your new house. Long distance, fragile or bulky items: no longer a problem when you use our professional and experienced service.

A completely smooth, problem-free residential moving

A house move is often a stressful operation and constitutes a major event in a customer’s life. Make life easier for yourself and let us manage your residential move for you. We will take the greatest care when packing each of your items, working from a detailed list drawn up beforehand at the time of quotation. Each item will be covered with a suitable protective material. We will manage your residential move for you from start to finish, and our team is available to transport your items seven days a week, and that includes national holidays too. One or more trucks will be assigned to your move and we will carefully assess your specific requirements to ensure your needs are properly met in terms of the volume of items to be transported and the distance to be moved.

Long distance: no problem!

For a free expert assessment of your future move, please fill out the form on our site or contact us by telephone or email.

Please note that distance is no obstacle for us. We can carry out moves seven days a week and spread them over several days where distance demands. To make the task easier for you, we work together with you to establish the sequence of work to be carried out.

All you need to do is provide the address of your old house, your new address, and the time and date you would like your move to take place and we will then carry out the work quickly and efficiently.

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A personalized packing service

We will pack all your items, from the most fragile (mirrors, framed pictures, desks, lamps, etc.) to the largest (piano, billiard table, televisions, etc.). Our specialists are equipped with all the necessary packing materials and will collect your possessions from your home, very carefully transport them, then install them in your new house.