Long-distance moves : ask our expert advice

We offer residential moving solutions that are adapted to your reality and needs: services for seniors moving to a new residence, or long-distance moving services if you’re heading to a city far away. We can accommodate your needs while offering the same quality of service that has made our customers happy for over 60 years.

Long-distance moves: a long road towards a new home

Moving to a different city, or even a different province: what an adventure! A long-distance moving can be exciting, but also cause a lot of stress and worry. But it doesn’t have to! Brault Déménagement is no stranger to the road, and we can take care of your long distance move from beginning to end: we’ll pack, transport, unpack and place your furniture and belongings with care, wherever you want them, regardless of their weight or size. We have everything needed for the operation: cardboard boxes, wooden boxes made to measure for large objects, protective wrapping, etc. We’ll ensure even your most fragile objects make it to their destination intact, and that nothing gets left behind.

Long-distance moving is very different from regular residential moves such as operation of movers laval: you’ll need to adapt to an all-new environment on top of discovering a new home. Put every chance on your side by eliminating any possibility of additional unpleasantness: trust a team of professionals who know what they are doing and can guide you and take charge of every step of your move. Is there a delay between the day you’re moving out and when you can claim your new space? We offer secure storage services adapted to your needs, free from humidity and well protected for short- or long-term storage.